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Why now could be the best time to install a full-fibre network in your building…

If you manage or run an office space, many of your tenants will be working from home during this time, so why not plan in some business improvements whilst things may be slower than usual?

Here at FACTCO we provide guidance and support on fully funded full-fibre network installations. As a network installation can seem like a massive undertaking, we think now may be the ideal time for office owners and business park managers to upgrade their connectivity whilst the majority of the workforce is out of the office.


How disruptive is a network installation?

A full-fibre network installation is pretty simple and can take up to a few days to a few weeks to complete; depending on the building or area. Using this time would provide you with the opportunity to access offices quickly, test the network easily and enables you to upgrade your connection as well as guaranteeing minimum disruption whilst most workers have set up at home.


How will a full-fibre network improve my office space?

  1. Future-proof your business – as full fibre is becoming the essential form of connectivity, your business will not be left behind.
  2. Allow your tenants businesses’ to grow – our network offer limitless data usage so the network will never slow down or struggle
  3. Appeal to new residents – a powerful connection will entice new business and grow your client base.
  4. Add value to your building – a bad internet connection can decrease the value of a property by 20%
  5. Eco friendly connectivity – fibre optic technology last longer, uses less space and requires less non-recyclable materials
  6. Long term investment – the initial installation cost is on average £50,000 however even after installation fibre requires less maintenance and is a much more reliable internet solution.


Is your office space in a rural area?

Currently there is a grant available to rural businesses to receive a fully funded full -fibre network installation called the Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. FACTCO are one of the leading suppliers in the UK and have supported over 900 businesses since 2018. If you’d like to find out more, visit our website or contact our team directly.

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