What’s the Ideal Internet Speed for Gaming?

Online gaming has come a long way in recent years! FACTCO finds out the best internet speed for gaming on the very latest consoles. 

Whether you’ve been caught lagging on an FPS or you find yourself waiting hours for updates and downloads, the next generation of consoles is here to make your frustrations a thing of the past.

The PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S have all been reported as being capable of 850Mb download speeds. Even the diminutive Nintendo Switch can manage spritely speeds!  

Simply put, if you are struggling, it’s likely an issue with your current internet connection, not the hardware.  

With the above in mind, we’ve put together the following guide to help you find the optimal internet speed for gaming on your exciting next-gen console! 

PS5 Internet Speed Requirements

An image showing the Sony PS5 in a horizontal position.

The massively powerful (and controversially big) Sony PS5 launched in November of 2020 to push the boundaries of what home consoles can do.  

Equipped with a whopping 16Gb of GDDR6 SDRAM and a lightning-fast SSD, the new system makes load times and should now be a thing of the past.  

But enough about the hardware, here are the PS5 internet speed requirements.  

FACTCO Recommended Internet Speeds for PS5:

Download – 100Mbps  

Upload – 100Mbps 

With the average size of a PS5 game being around 40Gb, a reasonably fast 100Mbps connection should be your goal. A connection of this speed would take you less than an hour to download a full game, while system updates and DLC should take mere minutes.  

A much faster 100Mbps upload speed would massively help you with online gaming, too. This will be especially helpful if you’re a fan of intense multiplayer games or if you enjoy streaming your gameplay live on Twitch.  

Do you need internet to play PS5?  

Technically, internet is not required to play the PS5. However, there are two versions of the PS5 on the market: the PS5 Disc Edition and the PS5 Digital Edition.  

It’s important to note that if you buy the PS5 Digital Edition you will need an internet connection to be able to download any games from the PlayStation Store. Without the internet, you’ve got yourself an awfully expensive paperweight!

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X Internet Requirements

An image showing the Microsoft Xbox Series X in a vertical orientation. The background is green.

Microsoft’s powerhouse line-up of ninth generation of consoles has been built to push the boundaries of console gaming, too. Like its Sony rival, the Xbox Series X has 16Gb of GDDR6 SDRAM and a rapid SSD.

But what are its networking capabilities and requirements?  

FACTCO Recommended Internet Speed for Xbox Series X/S: 

Download – 100Mbps  

Upload – 100Mbps 

Like with the PS5, games on Xbox Series X/S tend to be around 40Gb on average. So, FACTCO recommend 100Mbps download speeds to meet Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X internet requirements.  

100Mbps upload speeds will again be key for those wanting to enjoy online multiplayer and streaming on the system. With more and more of us opting to stream on Twitch a 100Mbps upload speed should be your target. 

Do you need internet to play Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? 

You do not need a constant internet connection to play Xbox Series X. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S console does require the internet in order to download any games. This is because the digital-only console does not have a disc drive.  

Nintendo Switch Internet Requirements 

An horizontal image of a Nintendo Switch Console and docking station.

Already one of the best-selling consoles of all time, the humble Nintendo Switch is still going strong.  

A hybrid console that allows you to play on the big screen as well as on the move, the Switch is understandably less powerful on paper than the competition.  

But how does this translate to Nintendo Switch internet requirements?  

FACTCO Recommended Internet Speeds for Nintendo Switch:

Download – 50Mbps 

Upload – 10Mbps  

To make your Nintendo Switch experience a lot more streamlined, a download speed of at least 50Mbps is your best bet. This would allow you to download full games in a much more palatable 30 minutes.  

When it comes to upload speeds, online play and uploading your screen captures on Switch can work effectively with a connection exceeding 10Mbps. 

Do you need internet to play Nintendo Switch?  

You do not need an internet connection to play Nintendo Switch. Most Nintendo Switch games are available in physical formats and the system itself was designed to be played anywhere – even places without any connectivity!  


Enjoyed our guide to the ideal internet speed for gaming? Want to find out if your internet is enough to cope with a new console? Try our recent guide on How to Run a Speed Test. Want to improve your connection? Try FACTCO Home Broadband Packages. 

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