We are suppliers of the new Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme

We are suppliers of the new Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme

Have you heard of the Rural Gigabit Connectivity (RCG) programme?  RCG has been created by Government to help connect the most remote areas in the UK to gigabit-enabled full fibre broadband.

Launched in May 2019, the programme is dedicating £200 million to rural businesses and residence in the UK for the next 2 years to help work towards the government’s goal to deliver nationwide full fibre to the premise by 2033.

As a supplier FACTCO will be able to deliver fully funded full fibre networks to remote communities that would not be able to receive this level of connectivity without paying a large amount or without a very long wait. This is great news for the residents and businesses in these areas, no longer will people’s connectivity be dictated by where they live.

Why is gigabit connectivity important?

The demand and expectation of how fast and reliable a connection should be is ever increasing, moving the nations connectivity over to gigabit connections meets those demands now and far into the future.

Fibre connections are a more durable, reliable and versatile telecoms solution compared to the traditional copper broadband connection. Read the research report here that we conducted with University of Liverpool – Optical Fibre Report

Urban areas are switching to fibre quickly as they are more commercially viable, hence why funding has been allocated to rural areas in order for them to not get left behind.

How is government planning to roll out nationwide full fibre?

At present a little more than 7% of homes and businesses across the United Kingdom can access a Gigabit (1Gbps+) speed capable full fibre (FTTP / FTTH) broadband network and the government wants to see 10 million premises covered by the end of 2022, rising to 15 million by 2025. And finally reaching the planned nationwide coverage by 2033.

Jeremy Wright said: “Our decision to tackle some of the hardest to reach places first is a significant shift in Government policy and will be instrumental in delivering our plans for a nationwide full fibre broadband network by 2033. Our rollout of superfast broadband transformed the UK’s digital landscape, and our modern Industrial Strategy is focused on investing in the infrastructure that will make Britain fit for the future.

What does the funding cover?

Communities will be able to apply for funding that covers everything from design to management to equipment and finally installation. Billing only comes into actions once the connection is live and the customers will be billed like any standard monthly internet contract.

Rural Affairs Minister Lord Gardiner said: “This funding will make sure that rural businesses, homes and communities can get online and make the most of the opportunities digital connectivity provides. I am determined to champion rural communities and drive forward full fibre broadband connections in the hardest to reach areas across the UK, helping to ensure no one living in our countryside is left behind.”

The future for rural communities is looking bright, however we’ve got a big job ahead of us to reach all the communities across the UK and make sure we’re ready for the future.

Are you looking to start a Community Fibre Project in your area? Visit our website to find out more or alternatively call us on 0333 305 7560 or via email hello@factco.co.uk

Further information on Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme can be found here.

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We work closely with local councils across the UK. Their digital inclusion teams assist communities that are struggling with their current connectivity.

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