Voice Solutions – Why do businesses need them and how does fibre help?

Voice Solutions – Why do businesses need them and how does fibre help?

Communication is important and keeping things simple when you’re running a business is every business owner’s priority. Voice solutions provide the tools to help support you and your team to work more efficiently. It’s easy to be confused with all the technical language as to what you need and why you need it.

Why does your business need voice solutions?

Voice solutions allow you to go beyond a standard office phone, they allow you to upgrade your phone systems making them suitable for business, creating a sophisticated system so you’re not working from a traditional landline set up like you have at home.
Here is a solution break down so you can understand each tool that is available to you and your business. Making it clear to you what tools are available so you can make the right investment for your business.

What tools can help your business?

Business VoIP (Hosted phones, PBX phones)
Hosted phones allow your team to stay in touch remotely. Hold meetings wherever you are, keep in touch with your team members. They also provide call routing which allows your team to answer your calls if you’re unavailable – so you don’t miss anything, allowing for an agile workforce.

Telephone Systems (Dialler, Auto Dialler, Predictive Dialler)
Are you looking to run phone campaigns on a high volume? With a dialler you can create inbound and outbound call quickly. Perfect for call centres and telesales businesses who want to try and improve their team’s efficiency – which has been proven maximise contact rates and improve staff efficiency up to 300%, so you’re dedicating your teams time to talking to the right people.

Do you have a powerful connection?

For these tools your business needs to have a reliable connection. Voice solutions also require a reliable and unchallenged connection, meaning that in order for your business to work efficiently you may require to install a leased line connection, so your bandwidth is not effective.

If you’re unsure where to start and you’re want to invest in voice solution, then we can help! Get in touch and we will be more than happy to see how we can support your businesses growth.

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