Longer, better, faster, stronger: understanding how faster broadband speeds can benefit you

Broadband speeds are key to life at home and for business. It’s also important to understand why.

Since the world wide web was made public in 1993, many people were limited to just 0.056 Mbps as the maximum transfer rate for broadband speeds.

When we read these numbers, it can be quite hard to comprehend the actual speeds people were dealing with. For example, the average CD would only be able to hold 550 MB, meaning if you wanted to transfer the newest Spice Girls album in 1996, it would have taken you over 23 hours to do so!

That’s why it’s important to understand how your broadband should improve your daily life. Rather than chore yourself, here are a few ways to understand how your broadband can benefit you!

Payment through cards in businesses

Have you ever been stuck at the front of a queue in a store or at a bar and nervously held your card out waiting for the all-good sign? Don’t worry! It’s not because your card is getting declined. Most of the time. A transaction will only take around 10 kbps to process. Rather quick considering you may have spent the last hour searching for your next pair of fresh kicks or that new dress to stand out from the crowd.  Most businesses use card machines that operate over wi-fi as a secure method of transferring money for goods and connecting to their business accounts. If you’re a business owner, however, your broadband speeds could be the difference between an efficient and successful business and unhappy customers waiting.

A customer purchasing an item by card with broadband
Enjoying the things you love to see: Fast broadband speeds can leave your customers happy whilst helping your business grow

Streaming and uploading videos

Looking to show off the world in your newest travel vlogs? Set the newest trends on TikTok or speed-run your way on the latest RPG? You’ll need to have the best broadband speeds if you want to beat your competitors to the top of the trending page. This will allow you to post at times you want, at the quality you want to fulfil the needs and wants of your fans.

If you wanted to stream your latest playthrough of a game on Twitch, they recommend you have an upload speed of at least 60 Mbps. Anything slower will result in a very poor visual experience and your gameplay will constantly lag and crash.

If you wanted to upload your travel videos to YouTube, you may have to wait longer than you did when trying to get through security. For example, if you were to upload a video at 10 minutes, your viewers would expect your video to be at a standard of 1080p with 60 FPS. This will also require around 20 Mbps with no interruptions and supported formats to avoid upload crashes. This allows for your video to be uploaded within minutes whilst allowing viewers a wider option of ways to watch your content!

Influencer creating content on TikTok with fast broadband
#Trending: Faster broadband can help you get content out quicker and at a higher quality!

Keeping the family entertained

The demand for the newest and most up-to-date piece of tech constantly changing. It’s important for you and your family to understand how much broadband is required to run all your devices. Whether it’s downloading your new favourite series or buying tickets to see your favourite team, it’s important to have the right internet for you!

Check out our graphic below to see what broadband strength you need to keep being the fastest family on the block!

Various devices used by families that need strong broadband
The right broadband speed for you: Check out our table to see what your household needs

Not too sure what your internet speed is? Why not try out our recent guide on How to Run a Speed Test! Want to improve your connection? Check out the FACTCO Home Broadband Packages! Get up to 1000 Mbps of full-fibre internet speed direct to your home or business today!

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