Home broadband speeds for a smarter home

“A 1000 megabytes? I am quite hungry, to be honest”

From your surround sound system to your kitchen utensils, the internet has become a necessary commodity in our daily lives. When you think about it, how else would you be able to read this blog? Fourth wall break aside, what no one could have predicted when the internet was established was just how broadband speeds have had to evolve with our everyday lifestyle. Whether it’s working from home or keeping the kids entertained, your home broadband internet speeds are far more important to you than you may think.

What does a faster home broadband speed mean for you?

When it comes to understanding your home broadband, all the terms and numbers might be a bit overwhelming at times. You may think your internet speed is enough for your daily needs but waiting hours for your favourites movies, games and albums to download should take minutes, even seconds. Here are a few things to consider and why you may need faster home broadband speeds:

  • How many people are in your home?
  • How many devices are in your house?
  • What is being downloaded/uploaded on those devices? (For example, is someone playing games on their console whilst downloading music at the same time?)
  • How many megabytes of data do devices need to run effectively in your home?


So, let’s take a theoretical scenario. You and your partner live in a house with two children. There are:

  • Four phones
  • Two laptops
  • A gaming console which exclusively downloads games online
  • An Amazon Alexa
  • A smart TV/Firestick
  • Subscription services to Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify


If we look at the graphic below, all these devices running at once could equate to nearly 300 Mbps whereas households in the UK will have an average speed of just under 80 Mbps! Running your household on just these devices alone will incur incredibly long waiting times and poor value for money. If you think your speeds aren’t up to standard, check out how to run a speed test here.

Various devices used by families that need strong broadband
The right broadband speed for you: Check out our table to see what your household needs
Wondering what you could be doing with faster home broadband? Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your internet:

Become a master chef in the kitchen

Your Sunday roast could make you the hero of the family. You can mix things up with cupcakes and be the star of any baking show. You could even cook your steak medium rare and get a complimentary well done from a vegetarian. Frying everything though in heaps of oil and praying it isn’t raw in the middle probably won’t cut it. Why not check out some online chefs on YouTube? They can create everything from your traditional eats to bewildering treats!

Binging with Babish (Andrew Rea) re-creates famous dishes from our favourite shows and movies such as Ratatouille, cuisine from Lord of the Rings or Dessert Dogs from The Simpsons. He also has a side series called Basics with Babish, where you can learn the fundamentals of cooking. This can range from what kitchen utensil is used for which ingredients to knowing what spices pair well with certain dishes.

Gordon Ramsey uploads hundreds of clips explaining his skills in the kitchen and how you can cook at home. Replicate his iconic beef wellington, have a crack at the perfect scrambled eggs or learn how to cut an onion correctly – all at your own pace.

To round off your three-course meal, why not satisfy your sweet tooth? Claire Saffitz x Dessert Person specialises in desserts for everyone’s liking. Tiramisu, doughnuts or English muffins, you name it, she can make it!

Want a taste of the action? Why not give yourself a go at becoming the next online culinary star? Check out our other blog to see what broadband speeds you need to upload yourself online.

Person learning to cook with faster broadband
Bon Appetite: Learn how to cook with faster broadband at home

The Home of Entertainment

There’s no place like home and there’s no better place than one powered by Ultrafast, full-fibre broadband. Get the most out of your broadband at home with a wide array of gadgets for a smarter home.

For instance, turn the wall against your house into an American Drive-In during the warm summer nights by streaming your movies through a Smart Projector. Turn on the washing machine, cook your dinner and control your heating all at your fingertips.

It’s also important to understand what it takes to be the host with the most. When you have guests over for a party, they will most likely have at least one device which requires around 5-25 Mbps each to stream music, swipe through social media and take photos/videos at high quality. Keep the party going by having a faster internet connection which can support all your friends and families’ devices.

People partying with faster home broadband
Connected, together: Have your friends over and connect with Ultrafast, full-fibre broadband

Keep your home secure

The safety of your home should always be your priority! Why not be one step ahead of potential invaders by using your broadband to secure your home. Broadband speeds have adapted to help keep you and your home safe through a wide array of gadgets and connections to security services.

Security doorbell devices such as Ring when hooked up and connected to the internet, can alert you when people are on your doorstep or near your home.

You can also look into smart locks, which uses an app on your phone to lock/unlock doors at your discretion. They can also have control over your light bulbs for you to have further control over your home.

Likewise, you can also invest in smart plugs. Smart plugs connect to your tablet or smartphone to give you control over the power supply to whatever you choose to plug into them. This could be tricking thieves into thinking about your home when you’re not switching appliances off remotely for peace of mind. Whatever you use them for, smart plugs are a great way to bring your home more up to date without breaking the bank.

Whilst it doesn’t require a significant amount of bandwidth, when multiple devices are running at once, that extra bit of bandwidth might be the difference in terms of protecting your home.

House with poor home broadband speed left unsecured
Unsecure?: Having fast broadband with security gadgets can help protect your home

These are just a few ways to utilise your broadband at home. You could become an online streamer, start that new business you’ve always dreamed of, talk to friends and family who live across the world or tell the world your story by uploading blogs. However you and those around you decide to use your broadband, it is imperative you have the right broadband package for you. Check out the FACTCO Home Broadband Packages. Get up to 1000 Mbps of full-fibre internet speed direct to your home or business today!

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