Technical definitions

ONT – Optical Network Terminal 

We will install one of these in your property when our engineers visit to carry out your home connection. It serves as the end point of our fibre network and is where your average speeds are measured from.

FTTP – Fibre to the Property

Where the full network is constructed of fibre optic cables, from the exchange to the cabinet, to the property.

FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet 

Where the backbone is a fibre cable but the network from the cabinet to your property is delivered by dated copper cables. 

CTB – Customer Termination Box 

A box that we will install on the façade of your property when you take up our service where we have built the network. This serves as the demarcation point from our network to your property.


This is a high-capacity fibre cable that runs from the exchange to the active cabinet, which provides the data capacity for our networks. We lease these from third party ISPs who install them into our cabinets.


This is a hub that typically provides the data capacity for large towns and cities and is connected to other exchanges and data centres.  


These are the cables and nodes that we install to provide service to our build sites and are installed from the cabinet to the ONT.


Equipment that allows our network to distribute service across an area. These typically are defined as ‘primary’ or ‘secondary’ nodes and can be installed within chambers (UGPN or UGSN), mounted on telegraph poles (PMSN) or mounted on the façade of a building (MSN).

ISPs – Internet Service Providers

A business that provides access to the internet for their customers and are regulated by Ofcom.


This refers to anything that we install to house the network, including chambers, duct and poles.


A box that we install that contains the active equipment that delivers the service to your property. These serve as the centralised hub for our networks.


This is usually how our customers prefer to connect their devices to the service that we deliver and is distributed around your property using routers and signal boosters. Your main router will be plugged into the ONT. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your connectivity over Wi-Fi as there are several factors outside of our control that might affect the signal.

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