Save money this summer with faster broadband from FACTCO

Summer is finally here! So, whether you’re starting your new vegetable garden, inviting friends and family around for a party or vlogging around the world, the fastest broadband is always a priority. However, some broadband providers can cost you both your time and put a strain on your savings account. This creates a co-dependency where you feel you need to pay more to get faster broadband (which might not even meet your expectations). This can cause frustration, time, and your hard-earned money – and with the price of going to the grocery store to your electricity bills at an all-time high, it’s difficult to do the things you love online whilst getting what you deserve, until now.

Saving money for summer has never been easier thanks to FACTCO’s broadband deals. You could save up to over £500 over the cost of your current broadband bill compared to other broadband providers! 

With FACTCO, you could save hundreds on your broadband bills
With FACTCO, you could save hundreds on your broadband bills

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can save money on your broadband, give your credit card peace of mind and make this the best summer yet! 

Start that business you’ve dreamed of

Every multi-billion creation starts as an idea. It’s all about taking that first step. To quote Tony Stark, however, sometimes you’ve got to run before you can walk. With FACTCO’s broadband packages, you could be flying high on your ambitions online by saving money for summer. 

Start by building your brand in a variety of ways. Buy a sewing machine and start the newest, craziest apparel trend, whether it’s the chunkiest of shoes or ripped jumpers (I’m looking at you, Mr West).

Have a passion for brewing? Use the money you’ve saved with FACTCO to invest in an up and coming brand of marshmallow and carrot cider. Put that money into buying a new car to deliver your homemade desserts, record them on your mobile phone and become a viral sensation on TikTok. Whatever you decide to create, you can thank FACTCO you were able to save money for summer!

Host the summer party of the year

Now that you’ve got some extra dough, why not get the gang around and have a summer bash! From two-stepping in the living room to raving in the kitchen at 3 AM, one thing is essential: a good, quality speaker. Like you, it is the heart of the party and is always a worthwhile investment.

Something such as the Sony Megasound Party Speaker can bring the House to the house party, or something more portable for heading to the beach. Anker portable speakers can provide quality portable speakers with long-lasting battery life, and quality sound, at an instant affordable price. By saving with FACTCO’s Ultrafast, Full Fibre connection, you can stream and have a great time wherever, whenever, without dropping in quality. 


Save money this Summer and have the time of your life!
Save money this summer and have the time of your life!

Around the world in 80 vlogs.

The world is your oyster. So why not get out there and explore!

Get a flight to Europe for as little as £9 this week. Plan your dream honeymoon in Las Vegas (don’t end up on the hotel roof and steal a tiger) or work abroad for a few years. You can create memories for a lifetime, so why not share those memories with the world? 

Invest in some travel tech such as a GoPro: a staple of modern travelling, allowing the world to see the world as you see it. 

When you’re done recording for the day, wind down and Switch it up with Nintendo for the long flights or purchase a VPN for when you’re looking for broadband in paradise. 

When you get back from your private international tour, you’ll be able to upload your journey seamlessly with FACTCO’s Ultrafast speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. 

Grow your presence online

Perhaps this summer, you would rather grow your online presence online. Whether you’re starting your streaming career or creating the next viral sensation on YouTube, the importance of having the best technology and internet speeds is key to growing your audience. 

When streaming on Twitch, the equipment can cost quite a lot. The cheapest laptops required for streaming can cost at least £1000. So, it’s essential to know what’s necessary with the money you’ve saved with FACTCO. Henceforth, here are a few pieces of kit you can use to help improve your content.

Investing in a solid microphone will help create that smooth AMSR Twitch viewers expect at the highest level of entertainment. Think about it; you wouldn’t listen to a band whose guitars are out of tune or watch a 3D movie without the glasses. So, why would you watch someone whose microphone sounds like they’re talking inside a microwave?

The Blue Yeti is typically the top-of-the-line microphone for streamers, whilst the HyperX Quadcast S is more in line with gaming entertainment. Check out a few here!

Save this summer and climb your way to the top of the leader board
Save this summer and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard

Furthermore, when you finally earn your online stardom, you will need to expand onto other platforms. The key to monetisation is getting people to know who you are.

It’s why we have seen YouTubers such as KSI go from making videos on FIFA to selling out stadiums. How Twitch streamers such as SovietWomble used YouTube to grow their platform without using ads or even showing his face. How artists such as Jaiden Animations can use one form of creative expression to grow an audience on another. 

To do so, you need good editing software such as Adobe Premiere, solid hardware and most importantly, fast upload speeds to beat competitors. Check out our blog on understanding the importance of broadband here

So, if you’re excited about saving for summer and faster broadband speeds, switch to FACTCO today! Check out our blog on how to switch broadband providers, or contact us today! Call us today on 0333057560 or visit our register landing page above today! 

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