Rural connectivity – Can we solve it?

Rural connectivity – Can we solve it?


With an estimated 380,000 people living in rural areas in the UK in 2018 – that’s a large group of people that are at risk of getting left behind. Connecting communities in rural areas has been an issue since the internet became available and is still now over 20 years after the internet was rolled out to businesses.

Installing networks in hard to reach communities is essential to enable them to thrive and should not be something that prevents people from wanting to ditch the fast-paced life style means that they are then at risk of being cut off from the world.

Choosing the right technology

There is currently satellite or dedicated line technologies available for solving rural connectivity issues, both of which solve the problem of connecting people in remote areas however the dedicated leased line is the more reliable connection of the two. To enable a remote area to gain access to a powerful connection we would suggest communities to invest in the reliable connection to future proof their connectivity.

Invest in the right way

The initial installation does have a price to it, but it should be seen as a well worth investment. The UK government does however have a dedicated budget to help communities and businesses and should be utilised by rural councils to shape their digital inclusion strategy. We also can help communities support with installations using the current Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme provided by The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) – get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Can it be solved?

With the current technology available and the current support and government focus that fibre is having in 2019, rural connectivity is close to the top of the list for investment in the telecoms industry. The future of rural connectivity is looking bright and is even brighter now fibre is at the forefront of networking solutions.

What do you think about this issue? Are you struggling with a poor internet connection? Here at FACTCO we can support rural communities and are passionate about making fibre technology available to everyone.

If you’d like further support or have any questions – get in touch with our experts.

Local councils we work with

We work closely with local councils across the UK. Their digital inclusion teams assist communities that are struggling with their current connectivity.

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