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Connecting your business

FACTCO bridges the gap in digital inclusion helping everyone keep up with the advancements of modern living. We understand the needs a business has in making sure your company has a cloud – ready connection, rapid speeds across all department and a cost-efficient solution.

Meet Charli George our Community fibre Lead for North West.

Charli has joined the FACTCO team to support our customers and their accounts. Charli will be your point of contact if you wish to install FACTCO full fibre network. You can contact Charli with any queries that you have via email at 

Boost the local economy

Great connectivity will attract new business to the building and boost the local area and economy as well as helping business to grow without having to relocate.

Smarter Living

Great connections allow you to use multiple devices within your company to allow you to generate business no matter the platform you might need.

Why choose FACTCO Full-Fibre Broadband?

Great connectivity can really help a business grow. Internet access can completely change a company for the better, offering you more opportunities and flexibility as to how you want your business to develop.

What are the capabilities of a FACTCO full fibre business package?

A cloud – ready connection

Any cloud-based system needs a fibre broadband connection to work effectively and efficiently. It’s been estimated that 82% of businesses are using the cloud in some capacity.

Rapid Speeds across all department

Fibre optic networks offer a high amount of bandwidth – far outpacing the volume of data that copper networks can transmit.

Cost efficient solution

Fibre optic cables cost less to maintain, has less downtime, requires less networking hardware, and can be easily replaced.

Are you interested in full fibre for my business?

‘The WiFi in our co-working space wasn’t great which meant it was really difficult to get any work done if more than 3 people were in the building… not ideal! After seeing an article about the work FACTCO are doing with social businesses we reached out to them to see if they could help. And they did! The team were great at organising the install around our availability and have been able to help with any subsequent tech requests. We now have brilliant internet, and the entire building can be full and no-one’s creative flow is disrupted by the buffering wheel of doom.’

– Stanley Park CIC –

‘We have worked with FACTCO to update our broadband capabilities into our business centre. They have delivered more than we expected, their technical support has been great to deal with and the connections have been fast and secure. Can’t ask for more really.’

– Warwick Mill Business Village –

‘Our installation was upgraded to Gigabit by FACTCO, without any increase in costs, and without any charge. We now have consistently over 800 Mbps (according to Ookla), and often over 900 Mbps, both up and down. Waiting is pretty much a thing of the past for us now. The company is unlike any phone company or utility that I’ve dealt with. They each take responsibility for what they’re doing, and so things get done. They have people that know how their equipment works, and that was a shock to me!’

– Dan –

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, one static IP address per customer, business or home.

All our customers will receive a Linksys Router. It not only looks great, but it can manage everything you need in your home or business.

Our network is designed to never operate over 60% capacity; therefore, we can operate on low contention ratios of up to 32:1