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Anfield Business Centre

ABC offer serviced offices, conference rooms and training spaces so it was clear how they would benefit from improving their internet connection and increasing their bandwidth.

Anfield Business Centre – Connecting The Businesses in Anfield

We supported Anfield Business Centre (ABC) with their internet issues and helped to improve their poor broadband connection by offering them a full fibre network. Using the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, we were able to supply them with a full fibre installation that was completely funded through the scheme provided by the Department for Culture Sports & Media (DCMS).

A full fibre connection offers up to 1000Mbps upload and download speeds which is more than enough for the visitors and businesses to know they will have a reliable and secure connection.

We spoke to Chris Dunford, Building Manager of ABC about his experience and thoughts on what the full fibre network has brought the building:

What internet speeds were you getting before the installation?
Before the installation we were sharing a 20Mbps wireless internet connection. While this was suitable a few years ago we have now outgrown it as the voice quality of the tenants who used VOIP was starting to falter. Not all of the tenants used VOIP and some were still on ISDN.

What was your biggest issue before your installation?
We thought it was a scam! We also thought it wasn’t for us as government money could be difficult to get.

How long was the installation process – did you have a good experience?
The whole process took about 6-8 weeks. The experience was very good, the installers worked through the night and always made a point of tidying up after themselves. We couldn’t tell they had been in through the night. The wireless connection to another building on site took slightly longer to deliver but that was explained in advance.

What did you find was the best thing about using FACTCO? The ease of the install. I’ve had previous experience in ordering leased lines, and it has been difficult. Not only did FACTCO install a new leased line they also delivered a brand-new full fibre network. There was some paperwork to fill but even this only took about 1 minute to do. Everything was online.

What was your experience of the service over all?
It wasfantastic, we had access to our account manager throughout the process. Any issues we dealt with quickly and easily.

What was the end result for you – what were the benefits of now having fibre internet?
The result is a full gigabit service! No more complaints about speeds and we have won two new tenants based on the new network and connection. FACTCO have taken responsibility for the billing and customer service which has been a fantastic help.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the connection at ABC helps their business grow. We also spoke to the tenants of the business centre and asked how fibre had helped them and their business…

All of the cloud platforms we use now just work. The network problems we had in the past have vanished.  If you are anything like us you will think, “what’s the catch”? There genuinely isn’t one! I know the fund only has a limited amount of money in it so I would apply as quickly as possible.”

It’s great to see how we can help support multiple businesses with one dedicated connection. ABC is one of many projects that we have delivered, fibre technology is what we specialise in and by utilising the current Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme we’re able to help fund businesses fibre installations.

If you’d like to find out if you can benefit from the scheme or would like to find out more about full fibre connections, please contact us today0333 305 7560 or email us – hello@factco.co.uk. We’re always happy to have a chat.