Join The Gigabit Revolution

Join The Gigabit Revolution


Looking for a way to increase your connectivity and improve how you communicate is possible. Accessing a 1Gbps connection is available to everyone if you know how to get it. We’ve joined the gigabit revolution and are keen to get you on board as well.
The way we work is changing; our exposure to new and innovative technologies has been a significant driving force behind recent investment and developments in the workplace. A gigabit connection is the next step to ensure that you’re ready for the future.


What’s starting the Gigabit revolution?


1. Bandwidth hungry businesses
Businesses across the country will need substantially more bandwidth over the next five years as they grow. More importantly, business owners believe this will underpin the introduction of new and exciting technology in the work environment, as well as going hand-in-hand with organisational growth.

2. The hi-tech future workplaces
With so much appetite for bandwidth, it’s no surprise that a Gigabit speed Ethernet connection is expected to be the most popular new technology that UK businesses expect to invest in over the next 5 years. This dramatic increase in bandwidth requirement stems from the adoption of business tools which require increasingly powerful internet connections.

3. A global workforce
The trend of a flexible work life and to be able to open up your recruitment globally has changed business for everyone and is a big part of how a modern business operates. The need for a bandwidth that is capable of managing people across the globe that allows businesses to have a reliable connection has never been more important.


Overall, the picture for businesses across the UK is an optimistic one of rapid innovation and growth. The revolution has begun and is looking bright for full fibre technologies as they help future proof businesses and it’s clear that if businesses don’t want to be left behind that a gigabit connection is essential.

FACTCO are committed to providing the necessary technology to support future working practises. Don’t get left behind – we can help you access a full fibre connection, with our experts we can offer you all the support you need and even funding where possible.

Find out more about The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and see if your business is eligible for support and funding for a dedicated gigabit fibre connection. Join the revolution – contact us today!

Local councils we work with

We work closely with local councils across the UK. Their digital inclusion teams assist communities that are struggling with their current connectivity.

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