How to Set Up a Router: TP-Link M4 Setup

Recently been connected to FACTCO Broadband? Here’s how to get started with your powerful new TP-Link M4 Deco Router.  

Welcome to FACTCO’s full fibre network! If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve been connected. It’s time to get stuck into incredible full fibre broadband. 

Our technicians will have completed your network installation. Now it’s time to get your router connected.  

About Your New Router

As part of your full fibre network installation, we will have supplied you with a router. If yours is the TP-Link M4 Deco Router, you’re in the right place.

The TP-Link M4 is a highly impressive new router with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a 5GHz network capable of 867 Mbits/sec and a 2.4GHz network capable of 300 Mbits/sec. Don’t let the jargon put you off!  

Thanks to the TP-Link Deco App, TP-Link M4 Setup is a breeze and easy to do even if you’re not technically-minded. So, we’ve put together the following guide to teach you how to set up a router. 

The TP-Link M4 Setup Guide  

Image showing 3x TP-Link M4 routers.


How Do I Set Up my Router (Parent Node)? 

TP-Link M4 Setup is effortless. With just a few steps you’ll be up and running! 

  1. Wire Up – Connect an ethernet cable from your optical fibre modem (the one we installed in your home) to one of the gigabit ethernet ports on the side of your router.  
  1. Power Up – Next, plug the power cord into the port on the underside of the router and then plug it into a power socket. Wait 5-6 minutes until the flashing yellow light turns solid yellow. This means the router is ready to connect to the internet. 
  1. Download the TP-Link Deco App Search for the TP-Link Deco app using your smartphone. The app is available for free on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  
  1. Follow the On-Screen Instructions – Upon opening the app, you’ll be asked to select your router. Once you select your router, the app will guide you through the setup process. 
  1. Check Your Lights – Once the indicator light on your router switches to a solid white light, you’re connected to the internet

How Do I Set Up the TP-Link Deco App? 

The TP-Link Deco app is extremely intuitive and can help you get set up with ease. You can even use it to troubleshoot your connection. 

To set it up for your TP-Link M4 router, simply download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  

You’ll then be led through simple instructions on-screen to set up your account.  

What Are Parent and Child Nodes?

The parent node is another term for your main router – I.e., the one that is connected to your modem with an ethernet cable.  

Child nodes, on the other hand, are optional additional routers that can be added to your network to improve wireless coverage in larger homes.  

These child nodes can be connected to your TP-Link M4 router wirelessly or via an ethernet cable. 

We supply each of our customers with a single router. Child nodes are to be bought separately from the manufacturer if you need them.  

Download Your TP-Link M4 Setup Guides Here

If you’re experiencing issues and cannot connect to the internet, we recommend you try the Quick Start Guide and Full User Guide below:  

Quick Start Guide  

Full Router Manual PDF


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