How Do I Switch To Full Fibre Broadband?

How Do I Switch To Full Fibre Broadband?

Does your business or home suffer with poor connectivity? In 2019 it doesn’t seem right to be struggling with your internet connection; getting frustrated with loading your browsers, unable to stream your favourite TV programs or possibly even more importantly impacting your business. Full fibre broadband is essential today and should be available to everyone.

Did you know that there are ways you can sort out support with upgrading to a full fibre broadband connection?

Firstly, you should probably check your speed and if full fibre is available in your area, using your postcode…

• Use this broadband speed checker to see if you are in fact struggling with a slow internet connection and that it’s not your device – use Broadband Speed Checker

• Try out this Full fibre broadband postcode checker from uSwitch to see if you can go down a quicker route of contacting your current supplier – Check your postcode

Now you’re more informed, and you do in fact need support with a full fibre network installation in your area, there are two types of funding available to you. Both of which provide funding for full fibre networks, so you can upgrade your connection at no risk or cost to you.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

This is available to communities across the UK, providing funding of up to £2500 for businesses and sole traders and up to £500 for residents. When applying for funding the (DCMS) Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport will require there to be a business to every 10 homes in your area. This means you will need to be a mixture within your community in order for the funding to be accepted.

Rural Gigabit Connectivity Programme

This is available to rural areas and remote areas in the UK. The Rural Gigabit Connectivity (RGC) programme is the first step in the ‘Outside In’ approach to ensure rural areas are not left behind in full-fibre broadband deployments. An ‘Outside In’ approach is being taken to make sure rural areas are not disadvantaged in the race for full fibre broadband.

How does funding work?

Using suppliers to support with funding enables you to save yourself time and money if you were looking to do this independently. Companies like us here at FACTCO fund, design, build, maintain and support full fibre networks. We get you connected quicker and manage the process from beginning to end for you, keeping you updated every step of the way.

When will full fibre be available to everyone?

Full fibre broadband is being rolled out across the UK and has been discussed in parliament recently with the national rollout target by 2033. A strong digital infrastructure is integral for the UK’s economy. So why wait for larger companies and the government to finally reach your home or business when you can actively seek support from companies who specialise in upgrading your connectivity.

Why switch to full fibre broadband?

Full fibre is now the preferred internet solution, compared to traditional copper – see our report with University of Liverpool. A fibre optic connection provides you with a more powerful connection, uses less non-renewable materials, lasts longer and can provide you with an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

How do I switch to full fibre broadband?

Why not contact our team to see how we can support you. Whether you’re looking to connect a housing estate, a multioccupancy building, office block or village… we can help!

Contact us today by calling 0333 305 7560 or emailing to see if we can support you with switching to full fibre broadband.

Local councils we work with

We work closely with local councils across the UK. Their digital inclusion teams assist communities that are struggling with their current connectivity.

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