Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme

As a leading registered supplier of the Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme, we’ve connected over 1000 premises by utilising DCMS funding.

Does your community need our support?

Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme

FACTCO is currently working with the Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme, which is provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

To qualify for the scheme, you need to live or work in an eligible location. The scheme is currently focusing on rural communities, including both business and residential customers. You can check if you’re eligible by contacting the team on either 0333 3057560 or

How it works? 

The Scheme is a form of Government funding which enables the infrastructure of a full fibre network to be built which will connect rural communities with a capacity of up to a Gigabit of data per second wherever possible. 

Businesses and residents just apply to have the broadband in their community upgraded and if the application is successful, the Government will give funding to companies like FACTCO to complete the build and install the network. 

The Vouchers that they give residents and businesses provide up to £1,500 per household and £3,500 for businesses to support the cost of the installation. 

When a community has successfully applied to be part of the voucher scheme, the Government will give companies like us the funding to install a full fibre network at no cost to the residents involved in the scheme. 

Bespoke network design

We’ll tailor the design of a network to the specific needs of your community.

Personable customer service

Speak to our UK-based experts whenever you need to.

In-house network technicians

Our industry-leading partners and in-house experts will oversee your installation.

Complete installation

We manage every aspect of a network build – so you don’t have to chase multiple companies for updates.

Competitive Pricing

Unlike other leading suppliers, your monthly pricing will be frozen for the duration of your contract.

Who is Eligible?

Homes and business with broadband speeds of less than 100Mbps can use the vouchers to support the cost of installing new gigabit – capable connections as part of the scheme. 


Image showing two laptop users in a coffee shop.

Your Next Steps

The benefits to a full fibre connection.

A full fibre broadband network takes your internet connection to a completely new level. With your new reliable internet service, you are leaving behind many issues that rural areas endure with limited connection and slow speeds. 

Benefits that your FACTCO full fibre connection can do…

  • Work from home with ease 
  • Unlimited access to streaming services 
  • No more battles with your family on who gets to use the internet
  • Kids can access online learning
  • Future-proofing your home for any advancement in technology 

What is a gigabit connection?

A full fibre broadband network takes your internet connection to an entirely new level. 

One gigabit equals 1,000 megabits (Mbps). It can deliver speeds up to 40 times faster than the typical home connection, allowing users to optimise their home internet speed and internet use across all devices. 

With that speed, you can download a full HD movie in just a few minutes, update your smartphone’s operating system in seconds and join videoconferences with ultra-high-definition video, to name a few. 

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