Full Fibre broadband connection. What is it?

Full F-I-B-R-E, what does that mean to me?

When you decide what broadband connection is best for your home/business, it’s important to understand what you’re receiving. It’s like when you try a new recipe. It may look and sound good but if you are not sure what you’re getting, how sure are you that you’re choosing the best provider for your broadband? Well, let us tell you about our signature dish and explain what Full Fibre broadband can do for you!

Why is Full Fibre broadband, the “Gold Standard”?

When it comes to modern-day communication infrastructure, Full Fibre is top of the table. It allows for faster, more efficient speeds directly to your home and business! No more complaints from friends and family about your football stream buffering constantly at the BBQ. No more complaints from customers and staff about your operations being slow. With Full Fibre broadband, the only complaint you’ll get is that you didn’t get it sooner.

So, what exactly is Full Fibre broadband? Fibre optical cable is made of glass strands, surrounded by cladding – known as the buffer tube. The cable is finished with an outer casing to make sure those glass fibres are fully protected. Although made of glass, the cables are surprisingly strong and can be joined, known as splicing, by heating up to a scorching 1800°C. The light that travels along the cable is on the electromagnetic spectrum and is not visible to the human eye. So data quite literally travels at the speed of light. Speeds which are quite incomprehensible for humans to understand. Not bad considering you probably just want to send an e-mail or nod with your mic muted on Zoom. If you’re not sure what your current speeds are, check out our blog on how to perform a speed test!

Full Fibre connection
Get connected: Full Fibre broadband connections can provide the fastest internet possible in the UK

Full Fibre broadband – the FACTCO standard

When it comes to Full Fibre competitors, none can truly compete with the efficiency of a Full Fibre connection. Some connections, known as a fibre-to-the-cabinet connection, will only use the power of fibre to your local cabinet. From there, the connection will run off outdated copper wires. Copper wires are slow and inefficient by today’s standards because the further you are away from your cabinet; the more copper is used and in turn the slower your connection is as the signal degrades the further it has to travel.

Full Fibre connections, also known as fibre-to-the-home or fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), are more efficient as they do not include the last stretch of copper wire. Instead, by using fibre connections in the entire process, your signal carries at a stronger strength across longer distances meaning you can receive up to 1000 Mbps of internet connection thanks to full-fibre connections. Curious as to how these speeds can boost your home or business performance? Check out our other blog on understanding what these speeds could do for your home or business!

See for yourself!

As previously mentioned, the speed of light for broadband connection can be quite difficult to understand. We love the sound of it and want it for all our internet needs but how can we comprehend it? Let us travel from Cambois to London, a total of 5 hours and 32 minutes. Check out our video below to get a better understanding of how an Ultrafast, Full Fibre connection can speed up your life!

Full Fibre Far, Far Away

We know you’re excited to be able to get Ultrafast, Full Fibre broadband but you may think “I’ve never had fast broadband in my area, what’s going to change?”. It’s quite simple really. With some time and hard work, we can install a Full Fibre connection anywhere. When people register their interest, we begin laying down the infrastructure and connect you to whatever package you desire. Just look at what people like you who had previously struggled with their internet speeds have had today about our work.

So, do you want to get Full Fibre connections to your area and improve your connection? Check out the FACTCO Home and Business Broadband Packages. Get up to 1000 Mbps of full-fibre internet speed direct to your home or business today!

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