Fibre Friday: What is it all about?

Welcome to Fibre Friday – Let’s start with what type of fibre connectivity there is

What’s it all about?

No sorry, we’re not about to reveal the answer to humanity’s eternal question, but we going to introduce you to way of unpicking the internet through a glossary of terms, ideas and products associated with the world wide web and internet-based communications.

We get asked surprising questions every day, as well as a bunch of the same, very frequently asked ones, and we thought it would be a good idea to break some of the information down into as bite-sized chunks as possible. Then we thought about the questions a bit more and realised that the background knowledge and expertise needed to even understand the words in some of the questions we get asked is very specialised; but we are also asked what bandwidth is. And while there is a simple answer to what bandwidth is, there is also a complex and in-depth answer.

So what we will do once a week, is tackle one term, idea or product and try give it some context – we shall call the posts Fibre Fridays. To make it easier to navigate the linguistic jungle of information technology we have robbed a menu feature from our nearest take-away:

We’d thought it’d be fun to explain fibre through food related icons:










As with curries, it is best to start your spice (complexity) journey with the mild category before graduating your mind palace onto medium and hot topics. I’ll stop now before I stretch the menu metaphor too far, but I hope you will enjoy our foray into the IT terminology territory.

See you next Fibre Friday!

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