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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions by our customers which we’re always happy to answer. We’ve listed the main ones below but it you have something you want to ask us we’re always happy to help

Support for your Fibre connection

Does support for my building Fibre include offices and/or residents using the same connection?

Yes, we can provide support for businesses and residents.

How do we request support with issues with our Fibre connection?

Our team of experts are happy to provide you support and advice for all of our products and services. Our team is available on the phone 9am – 5.30pm Monday – Thursday and until 5pm on Friday. Or we will respond to any emails until 8pm Monday – Thursday.

How often is my Fibre connection maintained and upgraded?

We will inform you if an upgrade is necessary or due to happen. A fibre connection requires minimum maintenance compared to a traditional copper connection.