FACTCO Connect Baltic Creative CIC To A 10 Gigabit Capable Connection

 Liverpool’s leading space for Creative and Digital Industries is lighting the way for the city’s connectivity with a fully funded optical fibre connection

Liverpool based ISP, The Fibre & Communication Technology Company (FACTCO)

has successfully designed, built, installed and is now supporting a full fibre network that delivers an Ultra-fast 10 Gbps capable broadband connection to each business based at Baltic Creative CIC, in the Baltic Triangle. FACTCO has installed a system that provides some of the city’s best digital creatives a secure future and the bandwidth they need to grow.

FACTCO has supported Baltic Creative CIC by facilitating the funding for the businesses in their buildings with a new full fibre network across their estate, which currently spans across 5 sites (120,00sq/ft) in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. The businesses within Baltic Creative created a Community Fibre Project to utilise the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which is provided by The Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport (DCMS).

The funding from DCMS has allowed FACTCO, a local independent ISP, to invest in the latest technology and internet solutions, that would ordinarily cost tens of thousands of pounds. As a result, they have designed a bespoke connection that the businesses in Baltic Creative have complete control over – a state of the art connection that provides 1000 Mbps up and down for the 180+ companies and its 600 plus workforce.

During the process FACTCO’s technical challenge was to ensure that all businesses in the Baltic Creative buildings remained on the same network and that the connection throughout the process was reliable, quick and provided minimum disruption – whilst maintaining the highest level of service.

Mark Lawler, Managing Director at Baltic Creative CIC described their experience with FACTCO

“We currently house over 180 creative and digital businesses across our estate and it’s absolutely vital to them, that we have the most efficient and quality service of internet. The install of this new connection has been a large and complex job for FACTCO and even when their team has been presented with challenges along the way, they have gone above and beyond to provide support ensuring that our service has remained unscathed. As an organisation, we champion collaboration and It’s brilliant to work with a local suppler, like FACTCO, that’s based right on our doorstep.”

Companies like Baltic Creative CIC rely heavily on grants, funding and outside support in order to flourish. FACTCO has helped improve and secure Baltic Creatives’ tenant’s connectivity for many years to come. By offering the businesses in the Baltic Creative buildings to apply for funding that will support their business. They now have a connection that matches their growth plans for the future.

Mark Lawler said, “The funding we received from DCMS has been immeasurable. As a CIC we require this kind of support so that we can concentrate on giving back to the creative and digital community we exist to serve. We have big plans to expand across the Liverpool City Region in the next few years and, by working with FACTCO in establishing this type of infrastructure, we can grow confidently knowing that our internet connection is safeguarded for the business community”


are one of Baltic Creative’s tech industry residents who consult and develop in the digital and creative industry, creating bespoke solutions for mainly the public sector.

We spoke with Dave Burrows CEO at Damibu – ‘The network upgrade has massively improved the services that we provide, the FACTCO team were really great throughout the whole process. Having a powerful connection is essential for us to grow, something like the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme has supported all of the businesses in the Baltic Creative community, enabling us to use the funding to also have a reliable public WiFi that our guests and visitors can use. The connectivity we now have has improved our business and our office space.’

Through the new connection, Baltic Creative CIC  and the businesses they support have the capability to upgrade to a 10 Gbps connection – a connection that will allow the digital and creative sector which they support to develop without any setbacks due to limited bandwidth.

DCMS encourages projects like this to be led by registered suppliers such as FACTCO; smaller projects that ordinarily larger providers would overlook or would heavily charge for. It will be a complete game changer for some.

We spoke to Lee Murphy, Managing Director of FACTCO

“Delivering a service like this to Baltic Creative CIC and the businesses they support is what we specialise in. FACTCO utilises the funding from DCMS to allow us to deliver projects like this and improve SME’s connectivity. We now support a wide range of creatives, all of which had different needs and requirements that were considered and managed within the one installation.Our networks are funded, designed, built, managed and supplied by us. We work hard to deliver full fibre networks that are reliable, secure, powerful and have the ability to be upgraded so no business gets left behind. As a Liverpool based ISP we’re proud to be involved in this project, Baltic Creative CIC are doing great work for the city and we look forward to supporting them further in the future”

To find out more about FACTCO’s work, please visit www.factco.co.uk where you can receive further information regarding funding and support with fibre network installations. Alternatively, you can contact the FACTCO team directly by calling 0333 305 7560 or via email hello@factco.co.uk

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