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Have you registered for the Broadband Upgrade Fund (BUF)? Great!

What is the Broadband Upgrade Fund?
BUF was set up to support the Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (RGBVS), to help both local councils and suppliers like FACTCO to see where the need for network upgrades were across the country. The BUF is not the funding scheme it is actually a register, the RGBVS is where the funding comes from

What is the Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme?

Set up in 2018, this government funding scheme is provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to improve broadband across the UK. A dedicated funding pot of £67 million was made available to communities across the UK to cover the cost of a network installation, residents can apply for up to £1500 and businesses up to £3500. This is the scheme that covers the cost of your new network and the scheme that you will apply for as a resident or business.

Living or working in the Rothbury area?
What do you need to do next? If you have already registered with FACTCO there is no further action at this time (other than maybe ask your friends and neighbours have they registered). If you haven’t registered with FACTCO please do so by visiting factco.co.uk/rothbury and have a look at what this project is all about.

rothbury project map
Map of Rothbury Area Community Fibre Project and the FACTCO network coverage.

What’s happening next in Rothbury?
FACTCO is currently planning a phased approach to your network build. We have a map designed and currently surveying the existing ducts and poles in the area to understand where to connect first and what your community needs.

We’re working with our fibre planning team, talking to local council members and planning the community fibre project for your area. We will have more information in the new year around how the network will look, who will be connected first and what we need from you to help with funding the network install.

Wireless or Fibre?
One last thing, full fibre is more secure, reliable, delivers greater speeds and is genuinely futureproof when compared to wireless. If you do use your voucher on a wireless connection you will have to pay for a fibre network at a later date.

We hope this helps clear up any questions you may have had regarding BUF and RGBVS. If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact the team via email at hello@wordpress-192006-1826018.cloudwaysapps.com or by calling us on 0333 305 7560.

Local councils we work with

We work closely with local councils across the UK. Their digital inclusion teams assist communities that are struggling with their current connectivity.

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