Every council should have a gigabit connection

Every Council Should Have a Gigabit Connection


Future proofing your homes and businesses in your area is a no brainer. The benefits for installing a powerful gigabit connection and giving people more bandwidth than they would ever need is endless. To put it into perspective, a standard household connection available from main UK providers is on average 55.14 Mbps download and  12.72Mbps upload. Compare this to a full fibre gigabit connection, which gives you up to 1000Mbps upload and download, this is a massive leap in connectivity. So why should your borough strive to upgrade?

Desirable properties and a connected community

Councils across the UK are keen to find a solution to improving connectivity. The main reason for investing in this now and creating a strong digital infrastructure, is that reliable connectivity is becoming essential for homes and is expected when looking to buy or rent a property. Residents want to be able to stream TV and films, listen to their favourite tracks and also the chance of a better working life balance.  Having a reliable connection allows people to work from home or run their businesses remotely.

Greater business and job prospects

For business, being online is essential. Offering a dedicated line that guarantees that bandwidth is shared within a small community of people is key to allow them to grow and stay ahead of their competition. For the developers and commercial landlords too, this opens doors to bigger and better businesses, improving the economy and job prospects in the area.

Conscious connectivity, thinking about the future

Research has begun around fibre technology and its impact on the environment.  Green building resource companies like GreenSpec go into details and explain how copper can even break down, affecting plants and animals. Conscious environmental business decisions are generally at the forefront of people’s minds. To be able to offer a connectivity solution that provides a greener option will certainly help to not only improve communities and benefit the local environment but will make a positive impact to future generations too.

Next steps

It’s clear that fibre technology is now over taking traditional copper connectivity and is now expected to be available when residents and businesses move into a new area. It’s essential that communities are not left behind and that everyone has access to gigabit capable connectivity. Have you heard of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme? Your community can apply for funding to a full fibre network installation.

Want to find out more about upgrading your connection? We specialise in fibre and offer complete support and funding options to help you get connected. Speak to our team today to find out more today.

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