Should brands use emojis in their marketing?

Today, July 17, is World Emoji Day ??

One of the benefits of FACTCO’s ultrafast, full fibre broadband network is that businesses can get online and interact effectively with their customers. We want to continue to help you after you are installed and our blog is a great way to do so.

2022 study, conducted by Shaista Ghazanfar found that 92% of us who utilise digital technology (such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email and so on) use emojis to communicate.

At FACTCO, we enjoy using them across our marketing channels, especially on social media. They allow us to interact with our customers and relay our message in a fun way that shows off our team’s personality!

However, just because some businesses use them, doesn’t mean everyone should. In today’s blog, our marketing executive delves into the use of emojis for SMEs, when and why they work and when at times they just don’t!

Firstly, what is an emoji?

Emojis are small images that “represent an emotion, symbol or object”. They can be used across many devices; from mobile phones to laptop computers. The first 176 emojis were created in the 1990s by Japanese artist, Shigetaka Kurita. The number has now evolved to a grand total of 3633, according to emojipedia. In essence, there is likely an emoji for the majority of things you can think of. The Oxford Dictionary even had the ?, smiley face with tears of joy, as their word of the year in 2015!

Emojis in marketing

Digital marketing is one area where emojis are widely used. However, their use is commonly debated within the industry. Split testing is a critical process in marketing and the use of emojis is no different.

Perhaps one of the most famous emoji marketing displays was by Domino’s in 2015 when they launched their Easy Order service.  This allowed customers to order their pizza with the tweet of a ?(pizza emoji). It is said that when it was first rolled out, Dominos sales increased by up to 50%! Whilst many of us may not use them to this effect, it does show they can be a valuable tool when tapping into your audience.

With this in mind, below are 5 reasons you should start testing emojis in your marketing strategy!?

1. No language barriers

Many brands have audiences and customers worldwide, which means that marketing teams must be able to transcend brand materials across multiple languages and audiences simultaneously. One of the benefits of using emojis is that they often mean the same thing to all customers, regardless of their mother tongue. Therefore, adding an emoji can help communicate your message in a way that is easy to understand.

2. Boost social media post engagement

Social media is often seen as the home of emojis! SproutSocial reported that by using an emoji on Twitter, brands can increase engagement rates by 25%. On a Facebook post, emojis can boost engagement by 57%! So, what is it about the use of emojis on social media that encourages your audience to interact with your content? As you will read below, emojis can help you to convey your emotions further, relating to your target market on a deeper level than words alone can.

3. Explain yourself

Have you ever tried to make a point, but no matter how many times you try, the depth of how you feel or what you want to say is just not coming across? Adding an emoji can be a great way of explaining yourself and making your audience understand exactly what it is you are trying to say. Let’s look at the two examples below. Which tweet conveys our true feelings of anger towards slow broadband speeds?

FACTCO tweet on a navy blue background          FACTCO tweet with emoji on navy blue background

                                Image A                                                                         Image B

Image B? We agree! Next time you are trying to get the depth of your feelings across to your audience, try adding an emoji that emphasises that emotion.

4. Increase the open and click-through rates of your emails!

Emoji usage in email subject lines has long been one of the biggest debates amongst marketing professionals. When speaking about the topic with colleagues and friends in the industry, their suitability for individual businesses all comes down to the same old thing- split testing!

First, some stats. According to SmartInsights, the use of emojis in a subject line increases the open rate by 20%. However, Search Engine Journal slightly disagrees, saying that their experiment found that email recipients preferred plain-text subject lines. Our answer? TEST! Your audience is unique and the only way to know what they respond well to is by testing.

Something to note: Not all recipient email platforms support emojis, and so, your well-thought-out efforts may end up not showing! Does this mean everyone should avoid using emojis in marketing emails? Of course not! Ensure you are up to date with your analytics and know what platform your email subscribers use and how emojis look on that platform. If in doubt, test it out!.

5. Humanise your brand

The people behind a brand are crucial to its success. As the saying goes, people want to buy from people. It is important that those who represent a brand, such as employees, influencers, and advocates present themselves positively! The messages and how you put them out are no different and sometimes, adding a bit of fun and personality through emojis is the way to go.

One brand that manages to do this exceptionally well is ALDI! Just check out some of their recent tweets below. Relatable, relaxed and fun. A great way of reaching their target audience and this shows through their engagement.

Recent Aldi tweets showing their use of emojis

However, going back to what has been said before, emojis and this style of marketing will not suit every brand!  Before doing anything, ensure you know exactly who it is you are marketing to. Your audience may not even use emojis or know what they mean! If they do, then you are off to a good start, and the next thing to do is get testing.

For more information and FACTCO news from our marketing team, check out our frequently updated blog!

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