Does your business need a hosted telephone system?

Does your business need a hosted telephone system?

Confused as to whether your business requires a hosted telephone system? This really depends on your businesses needs and how you communicate within your team. There are many names for a hosted phone system: hosted PBX, cloud telephony system, VoIP telephone system but they all mean the same thing, and each offer your business a sophisticated communication tool.

If you’re finding that you need a flexible and versatile telephone system to keep your team connected and improve how you manage your inbound and outbound calls, then a hosted telephone system is necessary for you.

How does it work?

A hosted telephone system provides you with many options as to how your business can communicate, not only that you can create a system tailored to your businesses, making sure that that you have a telephone system that works for you.

There are multiple advantages to taking your calls to the cloud…

Support remote workers and flexible working hours: stay in touch on the go and allow your team to communicate no matter where they are

Reduces costs and increase efficiency: we utilise existing data networks for phone calls which can save hundreds every month

Manage one system across multiple applications: whether your staff is working on their PC or mobile devices – communication is available, fast and reliable

Highly reliable and supportive: a hosted telephone system offers you higher call quality and clarity so you can communicate better

Other Advantages

There are multiple features that you can choose from, so you have a system that suits you, allowing you to build a system that can evolve with your business:

Caller IDs – so you can see who is calling and share calls easily
Conference calling – giving you the ability meet remotely staff easily or even partners & clients
Call transfer  – pick up calls and work together smoothly
Professional VR messaging – welcome your inbound calls with a professionally recorded message
Call Routing – if you’re unavailable allow your team to answer, so you never miss a call
Voicemail – receive messages out of hours, allowing you to follow up when you’re next available

And many more!

We offer a range of telephone solutions that can support your businesses – find out more

We hope that you now understand if your business needs this communication tool. We offer a range of hosted telephone services and are always more than happy to advise you on the right system set up for you. Contact our team today on 0333 305 7560 or email our support team today on

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