FACTCO have now joined teams with community members and local organisations to help raise awareness of the support that is available across Cambois.

FACTCO, an independent broadband provider has been working with iNorthumberland part of Northumberland County Council to identify communities who are in need of upgrading their connectivity and have begun work to install a fully funded full-fibre network to the entire community of Cambois. Using the latest Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (RGV) provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) FACTCO plan to connect over 400 properties to a fully funded full-fibre network. One of the largest projects to date using the scheme.

A full-fibre network will provide the community with a gigabit capable broadband network (this is up to 1000 Mbps upload and download speeds). This is offering the community a transformative leap in connectivity, changing how people use their homes and how the community operates.

We spoke with Cllr Nick Oliver, cabinet member for corporate services said: “Cambois is an area that needs a connection to meet its full potential. FACTCO’s gigabit capable network will allow the community to improve access to public services such as virtual GP appointments and online shopping.

“We are working closely with the community and businesses to make them aware of this funding opportunity to improve their broadband speeds. I encourage anyone from Cambois to get in touch to take advantage of this scheme.”

FACTCO Full-Fibre Broadband will be rolled out to everyone in the community with the aim to offer a connectivity package to jobseekers in the area – which is due to be announced in the near future.

We spoke with Alex Oates a member of the Cambois community about what a full-fibre broadband could provide him and the people within the community:Full fibre broadband would be a godsend for us. We have shaky slow internet that comes in through the old telephone poles in North Blyth and it’s unpredictable at the best of times.

“ With a young family and working from home internet is so important to us. Decent broadband would mean I can do more work from home and keep my family entertained. Also, by being able to video call with relatives and friends living far away we’d feel less isolated too”

The FACTCO team have partnered with Farrans who are leaving a lasting legacy within the areas that they support. Together the team will be running community drop in events and raising awareness to those who currently reside in Cambois (as and when the national guidelines allow for mass gatherings to resume) to make them aware of the funding that is available to them and the plans for the new network installation.

We spoke to Karen Alexander, Stakeholder Engagement Lead at Farrans about the work they have done in Cambois and what this new network will bring to the community: “Farrans is carrying out land remediation work on the old Power Station site on behalf of Advance Northumberland who are widening and deepening the Ash Barge Dock, to create a development-ready site for inward investors and boosting the local economy.

However, as well as economic benefits, we also want to leave behind community-led social improvements, which target specific local needs. We hope that our involvement in supporting the introduction of fast fibre broadband to the local community will be part of our social legacy”.

The FACTCO team aim to have the community connected to full-fibre broadband early next year. FACTCO however will be contacting businesses and homes in the coming weeks to sign them up to the scheme. We spoke with Lee Murphy, Managing Director at FACTCO: “We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, preparing to connect the community of Cambois. It’s an exciting time for our team – the projects we’re taking on are ones that a lot of providers would turn away from. We’re ready to take on the challenge and working hard to bridge the digital gap for these communities.

Working together with iNorthumberland part of Northumberland County Council, we’re keen to use this as a framework that we can replicate throughout the North East, as a registered supplier for the DCMS we will be able deliver these projects again and again. Helping us all to work towards a full -fibre Britain.”

If you’re living or working in the area and you would like to register your interest in the project or you have any questions, please contact the FACTCO team directly on 0333 305 7560, email or visit and register your interest today.

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