Communicating with your constituents

Communicating with your constituents

We appreciate the hard work that goes into building relationships with community members and what it means for the local council to support businesses like FACTCO. Working together we ensure that we’re sharing the same message and supporting one another all the way until we connect the first customer to their new FACTCO full fibre network.


How do we help with communicating with your constituents?


Create a communications plan – this is essential when beginning a Community Fibre Project. This is so we can understand who your continents are, how we best contact them or if there are any active members of the communities.  When we get community members on board, they can volunteer to become one of our Connectivity Champions. All of these things will be discussed and planned together to ensure that we get the best outcome.


Dedicated Community Fibre Lead – We understand the importance of being localised when working with small communities. Rural communities are passionate about the people in their community and want to preserve their village. As we’re based in Liverpool, we understand the barriers we face not being local, so each area we work in will be assigned a ‘Community Fibre Lead’ who is a team member based in the area we’re supporting and understands the people we’re seeking to support.


Understanding the community – getting a level of insight from either an active member of the village or town that were looking to connect provides us with the integral information to ensure that a FACTCO network is built for use. If the community mainly young families? Does it have a large retirement community? These questions are important to help build a relationship and adds value to the network, this is what sets us apart from bigger providers.


Community MeetUps – pre covid we ran community events; we found this to be an excellent way to reach out to the community and have a physical presence in the area. This instils confidence towards us the provider and the project. It also helps both us and you to develop a relationship with the community. Currently, we’re running Facebook Live Q&A’s which have been put in place to help run through the huge number of questions we get about the projects that we do and how we plan to offer an alternative solution to your constituents.


Making an Impact – We’re looking to leave a lasting impact on the networks that we build. We have worked in some very remote areas and are supporting communities from deprived locations that require further support. Our networks are unique in the way we have provided things like free connections to local schools, we have supported local football team and arts organisations.


If you what to schedule an appointment to see how we can help you deliver a network in your area – feel free to contact the team through the contact form on our dedicated Council Support page, or alternatively contact our team directly by calling us on 033 305 7560 or email

Local councils we work with

We work closely with local councils across the UK. Their digital inclusion teams assist communities that are struggling with their current connectivity.

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