What’s the Ideal Internet Speed for Gaming?

A header image showing three popular games consoles; Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch

Online gaming has come a long way in recent years! FACTCO finds out the best internet speed for gaming on the very latest consoles.  Whether you’ve been caught lagging on an FPS or you find yourself waiting hours for updates and downloads, the next generation of consoles is here to make your frustrations a thing […]

How to Set Up a Router: Linksys Velop Setup

Recently connected as part of one of our Community Fibre Projects? Here’s a brief quick start guide to your lovely new Linksys WHW03 V2 Router. The moment has arrived! If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve been connected as part of our Community Fibre Projects. Once you complete your Linksys Velop setup and download the Linksys app, you’ll soon be enjoying all the benefits of lightning-fast full fibre broadband. All the […]

How to Switch Broadband Provider

Unhappy with your broadband deal? We’ve looked into the ways in which you can switch internet provider. Whether you’re experiencing sluggish download speeds or simply feel you’re paying too much, it is possible to switch internet provider! From common queries such as ‘how long does it take to switch broadband?’ to the details of our very own broadband packages, we’ve done the legwork to help you make a switch that is right for you. Is It Easy […]

How to Run a Speed Test on Your Full Fibre Connection

When we install our fibre networks, we run internet speed tests on every single connection. This handy guide will help you learn how to run a speed test yourself.  We run a full fibre speed test on all of the homes and businesses we connect to make sure we’re delivering the speeds we have promised. However, some ways of testing are better than others. So, we want to share what we […]