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The rise of Etsy and Notonthehighstreet helped hobbyists and crafters turn their past time into a career. Make Liverpool CIC. started with a group of creatives who were in need of a studio space, they soon realised that they wanted to create a place not only for them but for other artists and makers too – they wanted to build a community.

Since they began in 2012 they have gone from strength to strength, starting out in the Baltic Triangle with a small co-working space, this soon became fully let which then steered them towards looking for a larger building. This is how Make Regent Street began, a 18,000 square foot warehouse that had been empty for many years. A building which now provides a resource centre, venue and co-working spaces.

Apart from it being a massive renovation project, they also didn’t have an internet network for their building – this is where we were able to support them with a network installation and providing them with funding for a brand-new gigabit full fibre network using the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS).

We spoke to Liam Kelly – CEO of Make Liverpool CIC about his team’s experience using the GBVS and how a full fibre network has improved their business.

What internet speeds were you getting before the installation?
Before the installation we didn’t even have a proper network installed. Our warehouse had been vacant for a very long time before we moved in. The GBVS  gave us access to  funding to have a completely dedicated leased  line for our business which has been invaluable for us to grow. As a CIC we have a limited budget and a standard leased line installation was out of our reach

What was your biggest issue before your installation?
We didn’t have a powerful internet connection; it wasn’t even close to how powerful we needed it to be for the space we were creating. We also needed to cover a large area and had multiple spots that we needed the connection to be available to the businesses and our team when using the building. We weren’t sure how that would work and had limited knowledge as to how this could be done within the short time frame we had.

How long was the installation process – did you have a good experience?
The installation was quick and simple. It took around 2 weeks from when the installation began to when the speed tests where completed. Our building is now getting a minimum of 500Mbps. The team are great and the account manager we had was so helpful and made sure that we were completely happy before they signed everything off.

What did you find was the best thing about using FACTCO? 
The team – they’re so friendly and the knowledge they have is brilliant. They explain everything very clearly and leave out all the technical speak. We felt very confident to leave the whole process in their hands.

What was your experience of the service over all? 
It was great, we didn’t even know that this type of service was available. We have other coworking spaces in Liverpool and it has really opened doors to more possibilities for our company’s growth. We’re now looking into new buildings and know now that we can count on the team and their service.

What was the end result for you – what were the benefits of now having fibre internet?
The benefits of having a full fibre internet connection is immeasurable – we now offer not only great coworking spaces and a talented community to be a part of but office spaces and studios that provide a powerful internet connection.

Creative businesses need technology to flourish, supporting businesses that depend on funding and support are perfect for schemes like the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. And we’ve had a great response from the residents:

“We use their basic business broadband package. As we’re a small creative business it’s more than we’ll ever need. It’s great to know that we have a great level of support from their team – you’d never get that type of customer service when using the bigger brands. For a creative business like ours, technology isn’t really our forte, they keep things simple and always get issues fixed.”

If you’d like to find out if you can benefit from the scheme or would like to find out more about full fibre connections, please contact us today – 0333 305 7560 or email us –’re always happy to have a chat.

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