Business full fibre broadband: Impact Communications

Impact Communications is one of many businesses in The Shambles, York, now connected to the UK’s latest, fastest, most reliable broadband technology.

Nestled within one of the UK’s most recognisable streets, Impact Communications has, for years, been struggling with slow, tedious broadband speeds, prompting them to actively look into alternative office locations.

“We were really beginning to struggle with the connection that we had before the installation, and we were actually considering moving out of The Shambles. Sometimes, we were having to go home to upload files for our clients. It was becoming very impractical for us to function effectively as a business.” Creative Director Mr David Emery said.

What full fibre broadband has done for the business

Since being connected to FACTCO’s full fibre broadband, David and his team are enjoying speeds up to 50 times faster than what they were experiencing before.

“It has revolutionised our business,” he said.

“We can now work in the office and enjoy the space that we have. We no longer have to go home to upload large files and we can rely on the super-fast connection we have. Our productivity has gone up as we now have a really powerful connection that we can rely on.”

Getting full fibre broadband installed for businesses

Being the full fibre broadband experts we are, installing Impact Communications went off without a hitch!

“The installation, given the complexity of the location, took no time at all. The rules and regulations that come with listed buildings meant the FACTCO team had to navigate where the cables were allowed to be installed. Even so, they managed to connect us within a matter of weeks,” Mr Emery said.

“The team were attentive, listened to what we needed and are always happy to solve any issues we have. Using a smaller provider means you get an extra level of care you just don’t seem to get with the bigger brands. We’d recommend their service to any small business who needs to upgrade their connectivity.”

Bespoke full fibre broadband installations for businesses

Since our installation of full fibre broadband, the businesses hub based at The Shambles has turned into a thriving community of digital and creative businesses that now have a network securing their future in this important historical pocket of the UK.

At FACTCO, we know that no two businesses are the same! That’s why we offer bespoke broadband service planning to determine your business needs, and how we can meet them best. See our business page for more information.

About Impact Communications

Impact Communications Ltd is a brand, communications and design agency based in the heart of York. They specialise in working in the education, charity and not-for-profit sectors and already work closely with a number of schools, academies, multi-academy trusts, colleges and universities, as well as many other high-profile organisations in the education sector.

Producing large volumes of creative content both in print and online meant Impact Communications need sufficient bandwidth that could handle large files used for printing, as well as reliable connectivity to ensure that they could work to their online deadlines and communicate with clients.

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