What is digital switchover 2025 and how will it affect me?

colourful fibre optic cables

In 2025, a full fibre connection will replace the copper phone network. By 2030, a complete full fibre broadband rollout will follow. This is the Digital Switchover.  According to Which? the switch from the copper network to a full fibre connection is “the biggest social project” since the retirement of cable tv services in 2012.  For many of […]

Cambois Primary School Decorate FACTCO Cabinet

FACTCO recently visited Cambois Primary School to find out what the internet meant to children in the area. FACTCO are in the process of installing a gigabit-capable network in Cambois. This network, made possible thanks to UK Government’s Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme will revolutionise the connectivity of the village, massively increasing the speed and reliability […]