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Hello from FACTCO, Liverpool based Fibre & Communication Technology Company. We offer full fibre broadband and phone networks to customers around the UK. Our speeds of up to 1000 Mbps are often 40 times faster than other providers. 

People being connected through FACTCO Full-Fibre broadband

In this digital world, broadband is key for the growth and development of both businesses and homes.

Our mission is clear. Firstly, we want to provide full fibre broadband so that you can enhance your ability to work, learn and play online.

We also offer a full fibre phone package. This is ideal for customers who wish to continue using a handset after the end of the copper phone network in December 2025. 

Secondly, regardless of where you live or work, you deserve to have an ultra fast network. Therefore, FACTCO is proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme.  To check if you are eligible for a free install, click here.

So whether you are eligible for a free install or not, looking to improve your speeds or become digital switchover ready- we can help! 

Our aim is to connect
15,000 premises
by the end of 2022.

We have increased bandwidth up to 50 times in the communities already connected.

Supporting over 1,000 customers using the gigabit voucher scheme is something we are extremely proud of.

FACTCO Managing Director Lee Murphy promising better broadband

“I started out providing voice solutions to businesses. After several years it was clear that improved connectivity needed a team of specialists to help bridge the digital gap between rural and urban areas. So, we evolved and we’re now working hard to support businesses and homes across the UK by connecting them to full fibre broadband.”

Lee Murphy, FACTCO Managing Director

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