Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help?

If you know of ways that we can promote the project, you can become a Connectivity Champion and help raise awareness throughout your community.  Contact a member of our team!

What does the funding cover?

FACTCO will front the initial costs of the network installation. This covers the work of designing, building, maintaining and supplying the new broadband to our customers. 

Is line rental included?

No. FACTCO does not charge for a landline. Fibre is a completely different connection meaning that there is no additional fee for a home phone that you may not necessarily use.

Will this use the 

existing copper network?

No. FACTCO builds a completely new fibre network which offers you more speed, security and reliability in your connection.

Will there be road works?

We will survey the existing poles and ducts in the area to reuse what we can. There is generally very minimal disruption and there is never a need to dig up all the roads. Meaning minimal disruption. 

Will I get 1000 Mbps on WiFi?

We cannot guarantee WiFi speeds. This is due to factors such as the quality of the device that you us or where you are compared to your router. You will need to plug directly into the router if you require 1000Mbps speeds.