What is a voucher?

A voucher scheme (also known as a Community Fibre Project) is a way for an entire community to benefit from a full fibre network. Each resident or business can use their voucher to pool their funding together to create a large enough fund to cover the cost of the fibre network installation.   

When joining a Community Fibre Project, you will have heard the FACTCO team and read in our communications about a Gigabit Broadband Voucher. We thought we would break down what we will expect from you and explain what a voucher is. 

There are two vouchers available, residential, and business. The rural residential voucher provides up to £1500 and a business up to £3000. The individual vouchers are collected to cover the funding needed to build your network. Each voucher is added to the funding pot and is allocated to the work we do as a registered supplier who will initially fund, design, build, maintain and supply your new full fibre broadband network.  

Each project will have a certain amount of voucher to enable to project to go ahead. We will understand this once we begin the application process and will inform the community of this target to make sure that we can all work together to make sure the network install can go ahead.  

Want to understand how to apply and what you need to do? Find out more from our detailed blog, explaining everything you need to know. 

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