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Why choose FACTCO Full-Fibre Broadband?

Great connectivity can really help a community. Internet access can completely change an area for the better, offering you more opportunities and flexibility as to how you want to live. 

Connectivity can improve your way of life, eg. manage your prescriptions online

Improve public services

Boost the local economy 

Great connectivity will attract new community members and businesses.

Great connectivity will attract new community members and businesses.

Smarter living

Upgrading your connection allows you to stream, play and work all at the same time. 

Save money

We offer affordable monthly packages that offer you the speeds you need.

Easier access to education 

Access online classes, help with school work and access resources easier with a reliable connection.

What our customers say...

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Help connect your community to full fibre broadband 

Working together in Startforth & Boldron

Contact Sales & Support: 0333 305 7560

FACTCO for Home

full fibre broadband, gigabit broadband, ultra fast broadband all means the same thing. Connecting your home to a complete fibre optic connection - offering you security, speed and reliability.

100 Mbps

£24.99 p/m

Free installation
Free router
12 month contract
inc. VAT

300 Mbps

£33.99 p/m

Free installation
Free router
12 month contract
inc. VAT

1000 Mbps

£44.99 p/m

Free installation
Free router
12 month contract
inc. VAT

Ultrafast Broadband for Home

Who we work with...

No increase in monthly costs during your contract. 

FACTCO for Business

Brilliant service, would highly recommend, top class service and installation.

Broadband Customer

Theia Malcombe

Brilliant service not that we have any issues but any accounts queries gets answered swiftly.


Broadband Customer

Superb support. Really helpful and explanatory. I'm no network expert...but these guys are. Highly recommended.

Neil Burcombe

Broadband Customer 

love us

How does the Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme work with FACTCO?

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Supported by Cllr Steven Bridgett

County Councillor for the Rothbury Division

Representing the parishes of:
Alnham, Whittingham & Callaly, Alwinton, Biddlestone & Netherton, Hesleyhurst, Cartington, Elsdon, Glanton, Harbottle, Hepple, Rothbury, Hollinghill, Snitter, Thropton, Whitton & Tosson.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join?

Register you interest by completing the form provided and a member of the team will contact you. We will begin the contract process and guide you through the simple Gigabit Voucher application.

How long does it take?

When a project begins we need to generate as much interest as we can to guarantee enough funding. Once this phase is complete we will then begin planning the network build. The physical installation takes around 4 - 6 weeks. 

Who provides my broadband?

Once the installation is complete your home or business will be provided broadband from the FACTCO team. We provide 12 month contracts offering a range of ultra fast speeds.

Do I need to pay anything?

The funding from the Rural Gigabit Broadband  Voucher Scheme covers the cost of the installation from building the green cabinets in your street, all the way into your home. All you have to pay for is your month broadband fee.

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Meet Janine Docherty - 
Community Fibre Lead for County Durham

Janine has joined the FACTCO team to help the rural communities across Durham. Janine will be your point of contact throughout the progress of the Startforth & Boldron Community Fibre Project. You can contact Janine with any queries that you have via email or by calling 07719 103919.

Supported by Startforth Parish Council 

FACTCO are extremely grateful for the local support. Startforth Parish Council have been helping us to raise awareness of the network rollout. You can read more from their newsletter - Startforth Parish Council Newsletter, November 2020

How much will it cost you?

We provide affordable 12-month contracts, providing you and your community with a massive increase in bandwidth and broadband quality, the funding covers the costs of everything else. 

Are you joining as a home or as a business?

Join the fully funded network installation...

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was created for communities throughout the UK who are struggling with their internet connection. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has dedicated funding for these communities. Creating Community Fibre Projects throughout the UK 

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What is a voucher?

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We guarantee no increase in monthly costs during your contract.

Linksys Velop whole-home WiFi Mesh System provides 100% Wi-Fi throughout your home.

Meet your new router!

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Working together in Startforth & Boldran

Are you joining as a home

or as a business?

Register your interest below to find out more about a Community Fibre Project with FACTCO

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